Live again…

Truly be well and thrive.

One-on-one BodyTalk Consulations

Together, we’ll create a custom plan to help you address your body’s hormonal imbalances.


Educational Programs for Long-term Change

Empower yourself and learn more about your body’s systems while we develop a tailored program for your regeneration.


Helping You Achieve Total Health

Do you miss never having to worry about your health because…

you’re so healthy?

Our hormones and our body’s systems all need to work well together to get to that kind of carefree health.







Have more energy

Not having enough energy affects EVERY SINGLE part of your day, and you struggle to enjoy even the tiniest sparks.

BodyTalk helps regulate your serotonin and melatonin so you get enough rest, have tons of energy, and regain your vibrancy.  

Finally lose the weight

Your metabolism can get stuck in weight resistance. Frustrating? Heck, yes!

You do all the things you’re supposed to do, but the weight still won’t budge.

My BodyTalk program helps you reduce cortisol and finally lose the weight that’s been clinging to you.

Ditch "foggy thinking syndrome"

You joke about forgetting your head if it weren’t attached, but secretly, you worry: is this normal? And you’re sick of feeling so out of it!

Cortisol is the culprit here again- our cognition and ability to focus improve when BodyTalk helps us stabilize it.


Feel like yourself again

How long have you been “off” but just thought, “Oh, it’s nothing. I’m fine. I’m not really that bad.”?

Your health is the MOST valuable thing you have. When it’s not optimal, it’s hard to feel like yourself and easy to make excuses about how things aren’t that bad.

How many doctors have you been to?

Have you ever been to a doctor or other healthcare practitioner and felt like you were crazy?

Like you were in your own personal Groundhog Day- telling the same story over and over and getting no help?

Are you being told, “Oh, you’re just aging, and that happens as you get older.”

I get it.


Why? Because that was me.

I was plagued with headaches that no one could help me fix. I was confused and exasperated.

And I felt like I was making it all up, because over and over, no one could help me.


“Having BodyTalk with Charity has been a blessing in mine and my family’s lives.

I have seen amazing benefits to my health and state of mind time and time again after each session.

I can’t live without it!”

– Jenni Stoker

Charity and BodyTalk have changed my life.

Before I started BodyTalk, I was anxious, depressed and mad at the whole world.

Charity has a gift and she is such a compassionate BodyTalk practitioner. I’m so very thankful for her.”

-Trisha Harris

Charity has been such a blessing in my life.

She has helped me overcome clinical depression and auto immune disease.

Everyone walks away being a better person than they were before they met her.”

– Audra Behling

Hi, I'm Charity.

I have been a bioenergetic and BodyTalk practitioner for 10 years.

But more importantly, BodyTalk changed my life.

In 2005, I was grasping for solutions.

I had horrible, blinding headaches.

My anxiety around my kids, my money, and my extended family were crippling me.

BodyTalk helped me free myself from dis-ease. I haven’t been the same since.

That’s why I became a BodyTalk practitioner- I wanted to help other people benefit from BodyTalk like I have.

I’m here to help you take care of yourself, feel great, and be the happy, healthy woman you want to be.

I believe that you have what it takes to achieve total health.

Imagine what it would be like to WANT to get out of bed every morning.

What would it be like to be free of dis-ease and discomfort? Pain-free?

To feel lighter get rid of all the worries that are weighing you down every day?

Chances are, it’s been so long since you truly felt good, it’s hard to answer that question.

We change our diets, exercise every day, try new healing techniques, but somehow none of it is working.


Because sometimes our bodies don’t cooperate- we have past trauma that affects how our body’s systems talk to each other.

It’s kind of like a game of telephone between your body’s systems- your brain is sending a message, but your gut’s not getting it.

And until you deal with the trauma that you don’t even know is there, nothing you do will truly change your health.


Where will you be in a year if you don’t start changing your health TODAY?

When you take care of your health, you take care of yourself AND your loved ones.

You take responsibility for your wellness and your freedom from disease.


All your body's systems: in sync.

Contact me today, and take that first step towards carefree health.



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