Hi, I’m Charity.

I ‘ve been where you are- in pain, or just “blah”, and not able to figure out why.

BodyTalk helped me get myself back

 I created my BodyTalk system because I’m passionate about helping women connect with their bodies and become truly healthy.

When I had chronic dis-ease, I felt like I had no one to turn to who understood.

I didn’t know how to let go of my busy-ness and feel good- I had to keep myself distracted with endless playdates and classes and get-togethers.

I bit off way more than I could chew on a regular basis. Then, I did all of those things poorly and got super stressed out.

My body paid the price.

I believe that:

Feeling stuck doesn't mean your health should suffer.

A lot of my clients say that they feel stuck- in relationships, in fatigue, in their emotions, past trauma, beliefs, and inherited habits. BodyTalk helps get them un-stuck, and that’s when really exciting stuff starts to happen.

You should trust your gut. Literally.

As we learn more about our body’s gut health, we start to understand how our guts affect us every day.d

Women have a tendency to put themselves last, and that's not ok.

We feel too busy to make ourselves a priority, and our health and wellness issues build up so much that it’s sometimes hard to know where to even start to get ourselves better.

Why BodyTalk?

 When I was 10, my mom was diagnosed with cancer. She fought it off, was in remission, but then it came back when I was 21.

I watched her go to doctor after doctor. They had no idea what to do with her.

When she first went to a BodyTalk practitioner, I thought, “Really, Mom? You’re doing what?”

But the BodyTalk worked. I knew there was something more for me to explore.

That’s when I discovered that dis-ease can keep creeping back until you address the emotional root of the issue.

At first, I did have to take a few supplements to get my body on the right track again.

But eventually, BodyTalk helped me heal my body on my own, without supplements.

It helped me figure out how to slow down and let go of my constant to-do lists. I couldn’t even finish one thing on that list, anyway, because I was exhausted!

I remember people talking about “getting quiet” and I thought they sounded so out-of-touch.

I needed a system to figure out what that even looked like, and that system was BodyTalk.

All your body's systems: in sync.

Contact me today, and take that first step towards carefree health.



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